Speakout 8/25

Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm calling SpeakOut regarding a letter I got today from stooge that don't know what he wants, don't know what he's talking about and is half crazy. I want to tell you one thing and I want you to see this in SpeakOut and I want you to quit writing me letters. If you don't quit sending me letters, I'm gonna get you for harassment. If you don't think I can stop you then I'll send you to someone than can. You mark that down in your little black book and remember it because the next letter I get there's gonna be trouble. You better stop where you're at while you're ahead. Hope you read this because I want it stopped now.

I'm just calling in regards to the running dogs here in Morley. People have told and told the city about these running dogs through our yards and dumping their raw sewage. If we need fertilize we can go to the store and get that. We don't need it from the dogs. Our roads still look like wash boards. They need to do something about them before someone has an accident.

Leave it to the Republicans. JoAnn Emerson describes George Bush's amnesty plan for illegal aliens in our country then blames the Democrats for the plan. Congress has been in Republican hands for over a decade and they have accomplished nothing to protect our borders.

This is a reply for Sunday's SpeakOut A tip for you. I've been an usher out there for five years and let me tell you something, yes, we can take tips because some of us work our tails off and we deserve it. So get your facts straight. And oh, by the way, I never take tips.

I want to say I'm sorry for what happened to the Mitchell family and I will keep them in our prayers. We love them very much. I think the DPS needs to do something about guns.

I'm calling about prank calls. There have been several calls saying they are from Lamberts and that it is family appreciation day and several families have been going to Lamberts. So if you get a call, it's a hoax. Several people have gone out there thinking they have reservations, and apparently they are using the same man's name. The man said they had several calls and people were sitting down to eat thinking they had a free dinner and come to find out, it wasn't free. So if you get a call saying you got a free meal for family appreciation day from Lamberts be sure and call Lamberts first and do not give your information on the phone.