SpeakOut 12/10

Monday, December 10, 2007

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Everyday in SpeakOut someone is blaming Gov. Blunt for cutting costs and making changes in the welfare system. It worries me that so many people think that the taxes paid by working Americans is for the sole purpose of taking care of those who don't work. The government is to blame that they have created a spoiled lazy bunch of beggars that think they are owed a lifetime of free rides via the taxpayers. If someone does not make cuts and try and push these people to take care of themselves this country is going to hell in a handbag. I know many working families that have no healthcare and have to make daily decisions between food and medicine. Americans have no idea how lucky they are to be born here. Many countries would let you starve to death and not shed a tear and still you are ungrateful. How many of you thank God for what you have and for the government that keeps your children from starving to death because you refuse to work. I bet out of every 100 people on disability maybe 10 are truly unable to work. You even rush your small children to doctors to see if they have something you can draw a check on. You take no responsibility at all and look for others to meet all your needs. You take all that is given and beg for more. Don't you love your children and want them to have a better life? Does even one of you have an intelligent answer as to why you are owed more than a citizen that pays their own way? Quit whining and take care of your own and you won't be disappointed in others not supplying all your needs.

Your words are as clear and accurate as any published in this column. You clearly understand. I only wish more would come forward to share these views. Thank you.

To just give it to our members for free, a direct quote from Hope Terrell concerning the Littlest Angel play. "We as members have already paid our money and we support you year-round." I do hope that the play is a success and I'm sure it will be. And I think the direct quote should be "Free to the public." It would be more of a way to express her desires. Anyway, just thought I would tell you that as a member we got to thinking a little more on this play. The tickets were available to us. Not many of us members knew about it in time to get good seats. Thank you very much and I hope that everybody has a Merry Christmas.

If anyone rakes leaves and hauls them off, I sure would appreciate it if you would put your number in the paper. I don't have a very large yard, but I've got plenty of leaves. We need help! And may God bless you.

I think I'm going to get a pet pig and I'm going to name it Mohammed. Better yet, I think I'll make it a female pig.

The penalty for that here is 40 lashes with a wet noodle.

I've just read in the paper where the county officials in Mississippi County can't understand why the people don't like the white limestone roads. I was told when I built my new home, the person who land graded and leveled my ground asked me how long has my road been put down? I told him a couple of years, he told me that the white limestone is just for a base it is supposed to be covered up. So I did some searching and found a MSDS sheet on white limestone and it states it is supposed to be covered up with red clay gravel or something else. It also stated that the dust off the limestone can cause health problems such as cancer and other respiratory problems. It's not just Mississippi County that puts this on county roads. It's cheap and makes a good base. If you need more information on limestone or aggregate look up MSDS sheets on Yahoo.