Speakout 4/4

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The out pouring of hundreds of thousands of illegal Mexicans, into our streets, who are cheaters, and law breakers having entered our country illegally and are now demanding Congress pass laws that will legalize their illegal actions, and make their jumping ahead of legal immigrants who obey the law, entering our borders legally, is being portrayed as another big win for the Democrat Party by their adoring media. The media provided wall-to-

wall coverage of the "spontaneous outpouring demonstrations" which were orchestrated right out of a communist revolutionary's playbook. (http://

www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=21841) These well-

planned so-called "spontaneous demonstrations" were preceded by well coordinated media stories playing republicans up as mean spirited racist hypocritical bigots (now there's something new) capped off with by Hillary's infamous remark that conservative republicans who want to seal off, secure, and protect our borders would make a criminal out of Jesus Christ Himself, was really too cute by half. Again, Hillary and the democrats may have over-

played their hand from what some Democrat supporters are bemoaning on their blogs, i.e. http://vdare.com/collins/060328_democrat.htm , one of which declares Hillary's and the democrat's call for Amnesty for illegal alien invaders could spell defeat for Democrats in 2006, and 2008. Let us remind ourselves that God is still in Control. God has said in his written word, "God will not be mocked"--not by Hillary or any man, for the political fortunes of man without retribution. God's Word, and the History of the World, is replete with written warnings and recorded calamity for those who did, and the same lays in wait for those who do so today.

I want to take a few minutes to thank the first grade teachers at Matthews Elementary here in town. I have sent 3 children through Matthews in the past 4 years and having my youngest in first grade this year. I have to say nothing compares. My children talked about those teachers all the time and to this day the older ones still come home talking about them and recalling things with my youngest. I think they have a wonderful connection with the students when they come home talking about comments not only their own teacher has made but things the other teachers have done or said teasing around with them. We have been through other schools and grade levels and I have yet to see a better group of teachers anywhere. At parent teacher conferences last week, while waiting on my appointment, I was greeted with a friendly smile and a hello by two first grade teachers other than my childrens. It's no wonder the children love it so much here. Sikeston, you better hang on to these ladies. They are well worth every penny. Keep it up. You are truly appreciated, even if it does not always seem so. Every child should be so lucky to pass through those teachers.

I was born and raised in this country and I served in World War II with an honorable discharge. I also served in the National Guard with an honorable discharge. Our government decided that because I was born before 1930 that I would have to prove my age to prove that I wasn't a foreigner. They would not accept either one of my discharges. I had to get all kinds of other things to get my driver's license. Because I was born before 1930 and my mother had a midwife, I couldn't exactly prove my age. Neither one of my discharges worked. It took me about two and a half to three months to get my driver's license. If you thinks that's fair to an American citizen that's spent some time in both services with two honorable discharges, I don't think it was a bit fair to me. Still a child, if he comes to this country illegally and is going to school, you can't make him prove how old he is or where he came from or anything else.