Speakout 3/4

Sunday, March 4, 2007

This is to Mike Marshall. Mr. Mayor, when are you going to do something about these people putting their trash out on the trash days and the dogs and cats getting in it and then it blowing in other people's yards? I'm getting tired of picking everybody's dadgum trash up out of my yard. Am I gonna have to come to a meeting to get something done about this? It ought to have to be mandatory that everybody has to put their trash in a dadgum can with a lid on it to keep these animals out of it. I thought this was supposed to be a litter-free town. Instead, it's getting where it's worse and worse everyday. I'm ashamed of this mess.

I'm calling about the World War II presidents and all. It says that Truman, Kennedy, that Kennedy was in the Navy. He was right, Kennedy was in the Navy. But if I'm not mistaken, Kennedy was on a PT boat, and it was no special service. From what I've read, it was a very dangerous job. And I'm not a Kennedy fan, but I'd just like to set them straight on it.

I would like to speak out about the sports section you have on your Sunday morning paper. It's the front page. As usual the Sikeston Bulldogs made not only the whole front page, but even almost the second whole page. And lists it as Heartbreak. And I just wanted to congratulate the Notre Dame Bulldogs, who are true Bulldogs, as are the Portageville Bulldogs. We had told you here while back that Sikeston wasn't going anywhere and we meant it. I have to congratulate your sportswriter Chris Moore. He's starting to shape up a little bit. He's putting things in sentences that are making a lot more sense than what he used to. He did call the shot, I have to congratulate him on that, Notre Dame taking that district title against the Sikeston Bulldogs. Once again, just thought we'd touch base with you and have a good day.

From one Bulldog fan to another, Portageville to Notre Dame, about the Sikeston Bulldogs. The blue and white are just too tough for that red. They just can't handle that blue and white coming at them all the time. Portageville beat them this year and Notre Dame washed their hands with them at district play. Chris Moore called it. That's the way it goes. Better luck next time.

About the school being in session on the father of our country's birthday. I agree with the person who wrote in. We don't have any respect for the father of our country to have school on his birthday. He was a founder of our country and I tell you what, everywhere Martin Luther King went, there was trouble. Supposed to have been Christ-like, but he was anti-Christ-like. We've been had by liberals running this country. They just about got the job done.