Speakout 11/1

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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Shame, shame, shame on the individuals who approved fighting an increase in the minimum wage. Don't they have any concern or compassion for the plight of those low skill workers? How can a civilized and supposedly Christian society oppose a lift of living wage for anyone? The argument that an increase in minimum wage would cause unemployment and damage the economy is completely bogus. There is no critical emphasis whatsoever to support such claims. More than likely, if low income workers had more money to spend, it would actually benefit local economies and thereby create more jobs. An increase in minimum wage may cost a token increase to consumers, it might cost the price of a hamburger to go up a cent or two, but how could compassionate people object to such token increases in cost when it is going to such a worthy cause? It would be interesting to learn what, if anything, the opponents of the increase in minimum wage would do about amendment no. 7. Amendment no. 7 is nothing more than a camouflage and back door approach to giving already overpaid judges, legislators and government appointed officials a sneaky way to raise their own salaries without the vote of the people. How much longer can public officials continue to raise their own pay and oppose a less than living wage for low skilled workers? Perhaps voters will provide the right answer on election day. Let's hope for that day. Thank you Mr. SpeakOut.

Minimum wage needs to be raised. My husband used to have a saying that if these small businesses can't afford to pay people, they need to get out of the business and get a job on their own.

I have two questions. First, I would like to know why the students who live in Sikeston, but in New Madrid County, do not go to New Madrid County Schools? And second, do any of their tax dollars go to Sikeston Public Schools?

School district boundaries are the same as county lines. Taxes are paid according to your school district boundaries.

The lady that sang the Star Spangled Banner in Detroit, did such a wonderful job the way it was supposed to be done, instead of distorting it the way a lot of people try to distort stuff. I just wanted to speak out about it and compliment her. A true patriotic lady for doing it that way.

I think the definition of disability is the inability to pursue an occupation. You have people that work everyday that receive disability, they should rename the program.

My question is a simple question. Why don't the city of Sikeston police department enforce the curfew? It's approximately 12 o'clock Friday night and I had about 8, 9, 10 kids going through my yard screaming, using foul language, disturbing the peace. You know, I believe the curfew law is still in effect. I believe it is still a law. They get to these kids off the street. They want to damage your property, damage your car or do whatever they want to do. They have no respect or no courtesy for anyone. I know the police department patrols this neighborhood, they see these kids out there on the streets. The only way you are going to break this, is their parents are going to have to start paying the fines. When they start paying money when their kids are out there on the streets, they are going to make sure their kids aren't out there on the streets. These were teenagers 15-18 years old, using bad language, screaming and yelling and no telling what they've been doing during the night or what they're going to do. I would appreciate it. I am a taxpayer and a homeowner and I pay big, big taxes for my privacy and protection of my property. Take them to jail or whatever they got to do to teach them a lesson. Have some courtesy and respect for the honest citizens here in this town. If I can see it, I know the police department can see it when they patrol the area.n't want to win the war, Mac did. You see the trouble we've got today.