Speakout 2/16

Friday, February 16, 2007

I seen in the paper while ago where they are putting gravel in alleys in Sikeston. Well, I wonder when they are going to get to the alley in the back of Missouri. I've called them two or three times and they won't come gravel mine. It looks bad.

They talk about Bush needs to go over there and fight, why didn't Truman go over there and fight and ole Kennedy and Johnson? They sent over 50,000 killed in both wars. Fifty-thousand killed in each war. Didn't bother them to send them over there. Of course they was Demon-crats. Remember 92 percent of the Muslim vote was for the Democrat party in the last election.

When will parents learn, leave the kids alone. Let them settle their own battles and things will resolve a lot quicker. You don't need parents keeping things stirred up constantly when junior high and even high school kids get into arguments. If the parents would stay out of it, the next day, nine times out of 10, the kids would be friends again. But if you have moms and dads butting in and giving their two cents worth, it causes for a lot more friction. It causes some kids to lose friends that they would have been best friends forever.

Well it looks like King George is at it again. I wonder how long it will be before he starts a war with Iran. So much for his new plan with Iraq. How many times has this "new plan" been tried before? Three or four? He says he wants those who object to offer a plan of their own. My question is why? The Baker Hamilton Commission offered a different plan that he had been using. He rejected that and did the same with any other plan that was offered that was different from him. He has no intentions of listening to any plan that is different from him. He is the decider so he says and has no intention of listening because he is George Bush and it is impossible for him to be wrong. He is more worried about his legacy then the lost lives and money in Iraq. You can see what happened to the generals he claimed he would listen to, they're gone, the ones who disagreed with him. I hope we can survive another two years, but I wonder how.

This is in answer to the gentleman who hurt his arm and is unable to pay his rent, I really hate his situation. But, and I must say but, there happens to be a lot of safe places on the west side of Kingshighway that he could live. There are nice people on that side, too. I just wanted him to know, and I hate to say this, but, beggars can't be choosers.