Speakout 2/15

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A great letter from John Q. Public. So glad you published it. He should run for public office.

I'm just calling in response to the call the lady made about the schools. I agree with her. It's uncalled for to put our kids in danger when there's snow on the road. The roads were slick that day out in the country. Whoever decides if we have school or not when there is snow, we need to have a new one. We need to find a new job for him.

I am a paid subscriber to your paper and I would like to speak out about all the pictures of half-dressed girls in your newspaper. I do not like it either and I would appreciate it if some changes could be made.

I'd like to talk about how the sides of our roads is getting so nasty and dirty. I traveled from Miner while ago to Charleston and on the back road Highway 60, the old road we used to travel, I tell you, it ain't nothing but trash, trash, trash on both sides of the road. Bottles, plastic bottles, plastic jugs, plastic sacks, everything. There is a way that could be cleaned up and not cost the state one penny. All they would have to do is put a 25 cent deposit on sodas, those plastic bottles, 50 cents on plastic jugs or a dollar, and on them five-gallon jugs you see lying along there, put a $3 deposit on them. And I grant you, we could clean that highway up in no time at all.