SpeakOut 8-08

Friday, August 8, 2008

No dumpster

I'd like to speak out about a Chinese restaurant. I would like to know why they are not required to have a dumpster instead of putting their trash out behind the restaurant. The sidewalk back there is soaked with grease at any given time. Don't get me wrong - the food is good, but it's kind of sickening when you pull out back to wait and egg yolks and stuff are laying on the sidewalk drawing flies. This is nasty.

Debate on Eight

This is in response to the person who said Section 8 needs to be gotten rid of and people on Section 8 are losers and you don't need but one of these losers on your street to ruin it. Well, for one, I'm not on Section 8. I have used it years ago and I got off of it by choice. I lived in a house where you could see straight to the ground under the kitchen sink. I told and showed Section 8 this problem and numerous others and they wouldn't make the owners do anything. But, who do you think you are calling people trash because they are less fortunate than you and could use a little help? There are also elderly and disabled people that need Section 8 to have a home. Maybe if Sikeston didn't think they had to charge $800-$1,000 for houses to rent, people could afford to pay their rent without help. Every town has rich, poor and middle class people. Everyone has a right to live in decent, affordable housing in a decent, safe neighborhood. And from what I know of and from the way you sound, 99 percent of those houses that you can rent are not in your neighborhood. Me and my husband work hard to pay our bills and our high Sikeston rent. I'm sure you probably wouldn't want us in your neighborhood either. But that's okay - I wouldn't want to live by people like you. Snobby business owners are living off of the money you want to criticize.

- - -

I was just reading in SpeakOut about this Section 8 housing. I agree with the caller that it's a real problem around here. The city of Sikeston came up with this LCRA board and they've done a good job in our neighborhood of cleaning things up. They are doing good things. I know that Mr. Jensen has said good things about them in the newspaper. I'm just real happy that they are doing their jobs like they should. There are some people fighting them and they shouldn't be. I think they've got money tied up in it and they don't want to lose their money. That's okay for them to fight for it but they need to keep their property cleaned up for the rest of us.

- - -

I just read the article in SpeakOut on July 28 on the one that says Minus Eight. I will say a great big amen on everything that was written there.

- - -

I commend the person who wrote about the Section 8 in Sikeston. But it's not just Sikeston, it's every town in the United States. We are breeding these people every time we elect a Democrat for anything. Government programs that are designed to help the poor only make people lazy. They have no self esteem whatsoever. Look at Canalou and Matthews isn't far behind. They look like dumps. But if you ask the city to do something about it, they won't. We have to start at the top and quit voting in people that support the ACLU or NAACP. If we don't do something about it, these people are going to take over. They are takers, they never give. They want God out of everything while gays are allowed to be married and sex and drugs ruin our teens. People who work for a living, I have nothing but respect for. But you people that walk on your own two feet to get your welfare check, you ought to be ashamed. They are talking about colonizing the moon and maybe Mars. I think that's a good place for scum, white or black!

- - -

In response to Minus Eight, I totally agree with what was said 100 percent.

I'm praying

In regards to what used to be the White House Inn, it's called the Harvest Home now. I'm praying that some good minister will buy this Harvest Home and we will have a church there again. I pray that you will print this and I pray that some good minister will see it and will come and look at it and buy it.

Chill out

To Rules not rigid at the Ridge: Please relax. The elderly couple who did have at one time the eyesore woodshed, as you call it, was removed before the fence was put up. And no, they were not aware of such things as regulations as how they could live on their own property. They thought they lived in the United States where when you owned property it was your property. They found out different. So relax and enjoy the lovely substandard workmanship and cheap materials from which your over-priced expensive home was built.