SpeakOut 8-25

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cleaning up

I'm reading the headline about the clean-up crew and the Sheltered Workshop employees being used, were they provided rubber gloves to do this? It doesn't look so in the picture. It looks like they are picking up stuff bare handed, and this should not have been done. Someone made a mistake.

Take off a little around the ears

Mister, just how important are you? I was with my wife yesterday to get her hair fixed and the gentleman had an appointment at 2 o'clock. He showed up and stood outside the place for about 20 minutes talking on the cell phone. The hairdresser had to go out and get him and bring him in. He came in still talking on the cell phone, sat down in the chair, continued to hold the phone to his ear while the lady was trying to cut his hair. I mean, really, this is ridiculous! I would have cut his hair around the cell phone, left it long there and sent him on his way. But no, she was patient. He takes the phone and puts it in his pocket. Well, he gets a couple of more phone calls. I mean, really, just who do you think you are to just stand out there and wait and wait and wait and then she has to go get you? She has to get you done because she can't make her next appointment wait because of your ignorance.

Why am I so busy?

I have heard complaints from all ages about "nothing to do" in Sikeston. If you really think that, you're just not looking hard enough! In the past three weeks alone Sikeston has hosted the Cowboy Up! Arts Festival, the Trike Bike International Rally, the Back to the 50's Ice Cream Social and Car Show (all free by the way), a concert by a world-class musician, the Cowboy Cookoff, and (oh yeah) one of the largest rodeos in the nation. Have you tried volunteering at the hospital, your church, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, American Cancer Society or the Depot Museum. The Sikeston Little Theatre always needs actors and backstage help. It is, after all, the largest and oldest community theatre between St. Louis and Memphis. The Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, Elks, Eagles, Shriners, Humane Society, Mission Missouri and the Food Bank all provide service opportunities. How about the dances and activities at the Heritage House, VFW and American Legion? Nursing homes need readers and the school system loves volunteers. For young people, don't get me started. You've got scouting, a wide range of sports for both boys and girls, an outstanding city park system, dance and acting opportunities, the best sports complex in this region, YMCA programs and camps and a myriad of school activities. If you like food, Sikeston has some great local eateries including the most famous restaurant in America and the best barbecue in the world. I realize we don't have an amusement park, zoo or 18-plex movie house, but what town our size does? The expression "the grass is always greener" comes to mind. Pay attention, get involved and very quickly you'll be too busy to complain.

Parking lot seats

I am a devoted rodeo fan who was extremely disappointed in the sound management at Friday night's concert. Gary Allen is an excellent performer, but the sound was so loud it was distorted. Anyone seated in Section A was blasted out of their seats by this distorted sound system. It was so loud that it was painful. Many people left their seats they had paid for. The sound on the parking lot was great, but we paid to sit in our seats, not the parking lot. This has not been a problem in the past. I feel the Jaycees can do a much better job on their sound system for the upcoming year. Thanks again for a great rodeo and let's do a better job next time.

Paint it white

There's a certain well-known chain of stores, one being located here in Sikeston, that has graciously taken the time to paint yellow on the parking spaces on their parking lot. However, the customer crossing area next to the service entrance doors should be painted white and they remain unpainted like the customer does not matter. I would like to see those painted white. I would also like to see signs on both ends of the entranceway that says, Stop - Customer Crossing. I would appreciate it if that could be done.