SpeakOut 9-10

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meet the beetles

We've had these ash trees, the beetles got in them in 2005. We started spraying them in 2006. We called all the chemical places and the Conservation Department. None of them even knew what we were talking about. Half our trees are dead now and the other half are dying. We've been spraying them for a couple of years now and it hasn't done any good. We've been burning them. You've go to have a lot of faith in our government here in Missouri that's saying they just got to Wappapello this year. We live in New Madrid County, out in the country between Matthews and East Prairie. We've had them at least three years. You've got to have a lot of faith in the people who's going to protect us from terrorists and all this. They don't even know the ash beetles are here or whatever you call them.

Everyone likes the Green

The person that submitted the Just Send Cash is either so out of date, or just plain tacky herself. Evidently, she has not read a Bride's magazine lately. Furthermore, if a person gives you the opportunity to send money and you don't want to, then you can at least send a present. Cash is just another way of making sure that they get what they need. Nowadays people have already set up their households and have everything that they could possibly want. Instead of hurting the gift givers feelings by returning the gift that they already have, they might have thought the money was a easier solution. I for one think this idea is a very modern idea and I support it. Get over yourself and quit being so petty with your ideas and for goodness sake, don't try to hurt someone's feelings by putting this stuff in the paper. How childish.

Desperate times

As long as there are unwanted pregnancies, there will be abortions. All our laws and obstacles that we impose only drive the average woman to desperate measures while women of privilege easily make the necessary arrangements.

Rush gush

As I listened to Rush gush about Palin, I wondered if he knows she's a member of Feminazis for Life.

Lost vote

There are three members of my family in the military. Did 72-year-old John McCain really think that picking a self-proclaimed hockey mom as a running mate was a good idea? Does he really think that she could serve as president and commander-in-chief? He has lost his mind and for sure has lost my vote. Obama just became my candidate.