SpeakOut 9-22

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not our oil

Every time I hear Republican sheep screaming, "Drill here, drill now. Drill here, drill now," I wonder if they realize that after we drill our coasts and our wildlife reserves, that oil will not come to us for our use. It's not "our" oil. It'll go on the world market and be shipped to China, South America and points beyond. Exxon will be richer than ever, residents of Alaska will collect their fat oil checks from the government and the rest of us won't benefit one bit. When it comes to oil, if we always do what we always did, we'll always get what we always got.

Gotcha covered

John McCain and Sarah Palin have the best health care coverage that taxpayer money can buy. They're against health care coverage for everybody else. How un-Christian is that? Boy howdy, I don't like it.

Nothing but the truth

This is your answer to Your view of my view on the editorial that Mike wrote on Claire McCaskill and Barack Obama. He wrote the truth and that's all he could say. He couldn't write anything else because it was the truth. If you think Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to be good in the White House, you're all wet. You're wrong. He doesn't even know what he's doing. Everyone I know - and I know a lot of people - are going to vote for Senator McCain and Sarah Palin. That is good news to me.


I just want to say that the Ellen DeGeneres Show is something I don't generally watch. I woke up and they showed Obama on there. Ellen was showing her wedding pictures with her female bride. I was sick to my stomach. I watched Ellen when John McCain was on there for a short time. He told Ellen he was not for same sex marriage. Michelle Obama was on there with her two children. Obama believes same sex marriage is okay. Someday when Obama's little angels grow up and want to be lesbians or have their sex gender changed, a light bulb will come on and his head and he will wish to God he had taken a stand against sin. Even if you don't go to church, you will know this is completely against nature.

Cost was there

I was just wondering after reading Wednesday, Sept. 10 edition of the Standard Democrat. On the front page The tuition rate to increase for R-6 was one of the headlines. It said the tuition rate was $658 more than it was last year. Nowhere in the article does it state what the tuition rate is for R-6. I'm just curious why the tuition rate couldn't be published. I would think as a citizen we should be able to know these things if we want to send our kids to Sikeston and live out of district.

The information was in the third paragraph of the article. The calculated rate for the 2008-2009 school year is $6,739.

Fishing for an answer

I wish somebody would find out when and if Fishermen's Net is going to open. I called one time and they said they were making over the building. Since that time the phone has been disconnected, I guess, so they won't be bothered while they work. I'd love to have some fish steaks of theirs.

We want candy

I was reading the Sunday paper that there will be no candy thrown or distributed this year along the parade route - why? This is why a lot of children come to the parade for this is the highlight of their little lives to see the clowns and to catch the candy they throw out. They don't come to see the horses or the trucks or the cars, they come for the candy and the clowns. They know nothing about those things and could care less. They want the candy, the fun of running for it and to see who can get the most. Why is everything changing? The have moved the carnival from downtown Sikeston out to the Rodeo grounds where you can step on or in anything out there. It is so far out that a lot of children's parents won't take them so they miss out on the one thing they have looked forward to all year, the rides, the food, the friends and of course, the candy. If the carnival was still downtown or out in the mall at Murray Lane, the children would walk and enjoy themselves, but who can get to the Rodeo grounds without having a ride? What else are we going to take away from the children in this town? There is nowhere for them to go and you all wonder why they stay in so much trouble! Build them a safe haven, a place to go like a game room with sodas and music. What child doesn't like to play video games?

No more Topix

I agree with New Madrid, Mo. Let's start a petition in Sikeston and get rid of Topix in Sikeston. It's nothing but a gossip site. To be able to put people's names in there and say what you want, which is usually no truth or partial truth, is wrong. If you have something to say to someone, say it to their face! It is sad this is what the world has come to. Free speech is one thing, but gossip is another. When someone makes a mistake, chances are they pay for it in more than one way, through their job, their home life, their family pays for it, etc. There is no reason for people to keep dragging it up. Let it go! Some mistakes are nobody's business but that person and their loved ones.

A good Habit

In regards to to the discussion on Habit for Humanity homes, I would like to say one. The person getting the home is required to invest a certain amount of sweat equity which means they have to physically help build the house and secondly, I live about three blocks from the first home and I think it is great they chose this neighborhood to build in. It will increase the value of the homes already here. Also the person has to be able to show they are working and have a plan to be able to take care of the house properly. This type of home is going up all over America and I am glad they are here in Sikeston also. Thank you volunteers and contributors. It is good to see something positive in Sikeston.

Stealing the spotlight

Sorry, but McCain gambled, and will lose, because he mistakenly thought that picking a woman, ANY WOMAN, would win him all the "disgruntled" Hillary Clinton supporters. For someone who supposedly touts himself as experienced and using good judgment, he really blew it big time with his pick of Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP choice. His rushing to announce her the next day after Sen. Obama's historic nomination and speech before more than 85,000 people in Denver, was designed to steal the spotlight from the Democrats at the close of the convention last week. It now appears that McCain didn't bother to fully investigate Gov. Palin's background, and as each new revelation appears from her short but colorful "closet", it is apparent that this pick will come back to bite him where he sits. I am predicting that he will have to withdraw her name prior to the election in November.

Lots of shotgun weddings

I just read in SpeakOut about Sarah Palin and the NRA - where there's going to be a shotgun wedding. I don't know who called that in and really don't care. But, everybody makes mistakes. Whoever called that in, if they would check their closet, I imagine there has been a lot of shotgun weddings in their family. They have no right to speakout about it.