Peter Kinder has served region well

Sunday, October 5, 2008

With an all-important election now just weeks away, the obvious attention is focused on the top of the national and state tickets. That is understandable.

But for Southeast Missouri specifically, we should pay attention to the race for lieutenant governor in Missouri and return Cape Girardeau native Peter Kinder to the seat he holds with honor and distinction.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is a genuine friend to Southeast Missouri. He's one of us. Rep. Kenny Hulshof, at the top of the Republican ticket, has strong ties to this region as well. But Kinder as a state senator and now lieutenant governor is a source of pride and a strong voice for our region. We need that in Jefferson City which is too often dominated by issues that impact the larger urban areas of our state.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder combines leadership and common sense to form a formidable voice for this region as well as the entire state. His record of accomplishments is an indication of his effectiveness and we need that advocate to remain as Missouri's lieutenant governor.

Above all else, Peter Kinder is a problem solver. If you contact his office, you'll get a response. He may not be able to solve every single problem but he'll give it his best shot. And given his years of public service, he knows how to solve problems and build coalitions to move our state forward.

In all elections we tend to focus on the top of the ticket. But sometimes the real meat that impacts our lives is not at the top of that list. Limited attention has been focused on the race for lieutenant governor and that is understandable. But for our region, this is an important race.

I don't pretend to think that a political endorsement carries the weight it once did. Times have simply changed. But I've had the honor of knowing Peter Kinder for a number of years and I know he's a genuine leader who has the qualities and the intellect to help our state and our region. For those reasons alone, it's important to return him to Jefferson City to fight for our interests and our values.

Kinder has my vote. I hope he can count on yours as well.

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