Letter to the Editor

Your View: By the numbers

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One never ending war in Iraq, $341 million per day.

One budget deficit, $410 billion and counting.

One national debt, $10 trillion and and counting.

One "Bailout" for members of the Golden Parachute Club, $770 billion.

One "Package of Bailout Sweeteners" made necessary by 12 House Republicans, $150 billion.

One month of job losses (Sept. 2008), 159,000.

One year of job losses (2008) 760,000.

One presidential candidate desperate to change the subject - at any costs.

Four hundred forty six thousand seven hundred twenty six U.S. homes currently in foreclosure, 47 million Americans with no health insurance, 21 million Americans unemployed, our economy on the brink of collapse.

Four more years of the same - priceless.

George W. Bush/John McCain - the gifts that just keep on giving.

Ron Greenlee