Speakout 11-16

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Take down the gates

I know several folks that live in Keloni Court in Benton. I know from speaking to them that they feel as though they are imprisoned by the gates like they have no freedom whatsoever. If they have family or friends come for holidays or a special event they must go and get them at the gate. In this day and time gas does not need to be wasted like that. I think those stupid gates should be taken down for those poor folks so they can have some freedom.

Can you smell that smell

I don't mind paying taxes and I pay every year on time and believe me, I pay a lot of taxes - more every year. If I started to build an outhouse, they could smell it all the way up at the courthouse and would be on my property every day to see if it was done so they could add it on my taxes. They say they are hurting for money. Well, they would not be if they would tax everyone the same. That upsets me for some people to get a tax break because of who they know, not what they own. I could say that I hold church on my property or construction is not completed like some people do.

All about the money

I am so tired of hearing about deadbeat Dads. What about deadbeat Moms? My son got a divorce last year. He did not want it, but she did so she could run around. They had two little boys so the judge made him pay. There were times when he did not have money to live on, but that does not make these judges any difference. I have heard stories like this in Scott and New Madrid counties. When are these judges going to look past the fluttering eyelashes and the pitiful look on these women's faces and see them for what they really are? They are out to get whatever they can and not for the kids. They spend it on themselves. One reason my son did not have any money left is because he would spend it on the boys because she would not. Something is wrong with this picture. She did not really want the boys, just the money. Come on judges, you believe everything they say and are always on their side no matter what. Wake and smell the roses or the b*&%$#*! I bet your courthouse would be full of cases just like this one. You should be ashamed of yourself and should be held accountable. You should be with my son when he has to take the boys back to her and they are hanging on to him crying and saying, "Please Daddy, do not take us back. We want to stay with you." And he has to tell them that they can't. But you are not there for that part, but you should be. Shame, shame, shame.

No pleasing

I remember all the lame excuses for the rising gas prices. But, how come its going down? I mean I'm so glad the prices are dropping, but how come they are? What the heck has changed from then to now? Personally I think there really was no excuse for the rising cost of fuel, and everything else that went up. And, how come the prices of everything else are still high even though gas is cheaper?