SpeakOut 11-25

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I received a scam letter from American Express saying that my payment was $150. I never had an American Express card. This is another scam. Everybody better watch out for these scams because they are getting more all the time.

I cried

On election night when the news finally came out that Barack Obama had been elected president, I cried. I cried for the millions of unborn babies that have been killed since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. I cried thinking of the fact that Obama will use executive orders to reverse all pro-life legislation in progress. I cried for a nation that was more interested in change and economics than it was for the constitution. We have elected a Marxist as president. He will pass all tax and spend legislation that his Left Congress has given to him. He will register all firearms and tear into your second amendment rights. I didn't vote for Obama. It was not because he was black. I would have voted for Alan Keyes, Casey Watts or Walter Williams, all Conservative blacks. I didn't vote for him because he is for the woman's right to murder her unborn baby. I didn't vote for him because of his socialistic economic ideas, the antithesis of Reaganomics. America, please wake up.

Ups and downs

I'm just curious about why gas prices are dropping? And, why did they go up in the first place? Does anybody really know? I really like that I don't have to dread going to the pump, but at the same time I know any day they will probably go right back up again.

Give him a chance

This is in response to shame, shame not being proud to be an American. Sounds like a personal problem to me. And in response to President Barack Hussein Obama - if your name sounded like jackass does that mean that you are one? It's a shame how prejudiced this area is. I have seen and heard people I work with say some terrible things because this man has won office. Over 64 million people voted this man in office and want to give him the chance to prove himself. Stop whining and complaining and do just that. Give the man a chance to do his job.

Stop whining and start tightening

Our officials at Scott County in Benton still want to reinstate the one percent sales tax. Don't they know we are in a serious recession, and people aren't buying it? They can do like the whole country, stop whining and start tightening belts - forget the year end bonuses and cost of living increases. Many in the county alone would take their jobs at a cut in pay, since they have been laid off from their jobs. You don't live well on unemployment comp, car repossessed, home in danger, no health insurance, etc. Come on people at the court house, get real. When times get better, and they will, your proposal can be revisited. Perhaps by then, you'll realize by cutting corners, you won't need the extra anyway.

Come on, you turkeys

Why can't we enjoy Thanksgiving before we have all these Christmas parades, open house and princess contests and everything? Just like the election, we start everything so early you get so tired and bored with everything and fed up with it. By the time Christmas comes, you are so tired of it and have seen all these Christmas decorations. Let's enjoy Thanksgiving first.

Showing intelligence

To the person who said they were no longer proud to be an American. That means you must have been very proud when Bush started the war that has no end. You're also very proud when over 4,100 service men and women were killed and over 10,000 wounded. Just think about what you say. It is very stupid and shows your intelligence. Just think - you can be feeling good again in about 8 years.