SpeakOut 12-9

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I cried too

This is to the person that cried when Obama won. Well, I cried the night John Kerry lost to George Bush because that sat embryonic stem cell research back at least four more years. We all have problems. I cried because there will never be a cure for my condition in my lifetime. When you have that problem, you cry.


You hear the politician talking and complaining about the economy and the shape our country is in, and it is in bad shape. My question is why don't they crack down on Welfare fraud? It's a disgrace the people that have never put nothing into this country, they have never worked. They live from generation to generation on Welfare. They live on benefits that a working family don't have. Forty-seven million people don't have medical care. These people that are on welfare have the Medicaid card and they've got Welfare. I believe that it is a disgrace that if you have that Medicaid card, you get better medical care than our military vets. I don't know why the state and the government doesn't come down on these deadbeats. You're committing Welfare fraud, it should be a federal offense. You should be put behind bars and reimburse every dollar you received from the working class people. The people that work and pay taxes can't even afford to buy the food our family deserves, put clothes on their back or give them the education that they need. Go shopping anytime, any place, these people are pushing two shopping carts around there's so much food in them. They can afford to buy the good stuff because they have food stamps. I don't understand why the government doesn't start coming down on them. People need to start complaining to the senators and the representatives.


I agree with the SpeakOut caller who praised John McMillen for his anti-liberal Democratic, pro-conservative Republican comments. I also agree with the suggestion that the party should offer McMillen a run at a significant public office. Perhaps he could be part of a team that ran for Lieutenant Governor and Governor, respectively, with McMillen being the candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor. Yes, I could support a ticket of John McMillen and Richard Kline.

I'm smoking

My husband and I decided to go to a local restaurant to eat. When approached at the door, we were asked smoking or non-smoking. We said smoking. We were seated in the smoking section. I went to get an ashtray. The waiter comes up and informs us that we were not allowed to smoke until after 3 p.m. I strongly believe this is outrageous. My husband and I walked out of the restaurant without ordering. After all, I have the right to refuse to spend our money at that restaurant.

Louder is not better

To whomever has an issue with the bar in Miner: I used to live close to it and it was always VERY loud inside my home. There have been times when I visited the bar and left because I could not hear the people I was with. I wish the new owners would realize that louder is NOT better. I wish you luck drowning out the noise. I used to run a fan and radio on nights the music was playing.

I'm on the list

I agreed with the SpeakOut recommendation to check a Web site so as to help get rid of deadbeat tenants until I checked the site and found out I was one.


"Man in custody for child abuse" (http://www.standard-democrat.com/story/1479872.html): I would highly recommend that you NOT publish something if you can not even get the names right. This is an embarrassment to your paper. After all it is a matter of public record.

This was the information provided to us from the Pemiscot County Sheriff's office.