SpeakOut 12-24

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't leave her alone

I was at Huck's today. I witnessed a young mother going in and leaving her small daughter in the car by herself while she went in to purchase whatever. Did you know how easy it would be for someone to open that door, take your baby daughter out and hurt her or you would never see her again? Then you went back to the car and back into the store again leaving her again. If you truly love your baby daughter, do not leave her in the car by herself. There are people that will hurt your baby.

Best when you're there

Children want to be where they feel secure. If your child never wants to be with you ask yourself a couple of questions. Am I responsible? Do I meet the needs of my children financially, spiritually, physically and emotionally? Time is ticking. Life goes by too fast. They'll grow up whether you're there or not - it's best when you are.

Chain of fools

I would like to speakout regarding animal abuse. I wish that there was a law in this city that I live in that you could get to chain these people that have these poor dogs chained out to trees. And some of them don't even have any water or food. Some of them have frozen water in a container. One of them is chained out where it can't have anyplace to lay down except in the ice and snow or whatever may come. It could be chained in the back of this place where it could be in shelter. I think that the people that does it deserve to be chained out, nowhere to lay down, in any kind of cold or anything that comes or goes.

Back to the future

We were wondering when Morley was going to be up with the 21st century. For instance, a dog catcher and a dog pound for unwanted dogs and cats who roam the streets. Also a road crew to clean snow and ice. You want the half-cent sales tax to pass. What are you doing with the penalties from the late water bills and the city taxes? The streets are impassable.

All veterans are heroes

This is to the guy, the jerk, the idiot, whatever who says John Kerry was not a hero. I believe he was a decorated hero. Plus, anybody that was in a war, all veterans, are heroes.

- - -

To the person who said John Kerry was not a hero, he's telling every Vietnam vet that come back to this country that they were not heroes. He cares nothing about the veterans. John McCain was no hero. He was captured by the Vietnamese and talked. He told them everything about America. This man was no hero.

Bingo with pride

This is to Bingo and 0-20 Bingo, the VFW Bingo prides itself because we do not allow or stand for any disruptions in our Bingo game. Also, the games are fair and square. If you want to come out and enjoy us, I guarantee you there is not going to be any trouble - we have too many policemen that belong to the VFW.

Listing items

I'm calling in reference to the person who wanted someone to list items on Ebay. If you call me at 380-3089 I'll be happy to discuss this with you.


We went to a church play in Morehouse Dec. 13th. The play was great, but the smell was terrible. They need to check that out. It could be a bad gas leak, but it smelled more like a sewer.