Tuesday, May 21, 2013

God gets military discharge

I found out over the weekend the post going around about Obama court marshaling one of our military guys for sharing his faith is true. Christians, we are in serious trouble if this man continues to tear down our ability to worship God. He is not even hiding it anymore. He is Muslim and he knows it and he is trying to destroy this nation. I am begging everyone who voted for Obama to please take a good look at what is going on and especially any Christians who voted for him. If you are a Christian, I do not understand how you can stand behind him as he is against everything our Lord stands for. We have got to change the elections in 2014 or we could very well lose the right to worship God in our country if Obama is allowed to continue to destroy everything we have worked for in our lifetimes. This is serious people. I remember in the military when we would sit and watch them pray to God and now they can't even share their faith with anyone else. We took God out of our schools because of what one atheist started. Now are we going to allow them to remove God from our military and leave them to the wolves?