Friday, August 9, 2013

Profits and losses

Here's an idea. How about when a tanker train full of oil crashes or an oil rig out in the ocean catches on fire or some third world oil-producing nation drops a bomb on one another, how about the oil companies take the money out of their profit instead of raising the price at the pump? What do you think about that?

Moving article

Thank you so much for the guest editorial by Neal Boyd. That was so moving and so truthful. I am so thankful for him and his mother and those around him that gave him the love and direction in his life. I want to thank him for the man he has become. And I want to thank you for printing this great editorial by him. I have clipped it out of the paper. I am going to save it. I want my granddaughters and grandsons to read this and realize what they can become with the help of God. Thank you so much again by the editorial by Neal Boyd.

- - -

Hats off to Neal Boyd for his editorial in the Sikeston Standard. His mother surely is a great teacher and what a true mom should be to her children. She's had two roles to play, both father and mother. Her efforts show through her children. Cherish it. You cannot find a book in any library to teach what your mother did. God bless and keep you in His care.

Racism exists

This is in response to the SpeakOut, "Tired of hearing racism." If you don't believe racism still exists, please refer to the same paper on July 31 that your SpeakOut column was in on Page 10A. And the heading is "CBS defends handling of Big Brother controversy." Read that article and let me know if racism still exists. It does and we need to do something about it. First, we need to realize that racism still exists. Just look at the way some people handle our President Barack Obama. They keep trying to hold him down. They don't pass the bills he puts forth. They keep trying to keep him down. Once again, read the article.