Friday, September 20, 2013

Working in the dark

We was coming home last night on Interstate 55 and the southbound lane had a construction company out there doing some asphalt work. It was already dark and they liked to cause a bunch of people to get killed out there. They are gonna get someone killed if they keep working in the dark. They are not even set up out there to close down one lane at night. It's hard enough in the daytime, but when they close down a lane at night without the proper flags and lighting, someone is going to get sandwiched between a truck like they did awhile back. MoDOT needs to go out there and see what's going on. They need to be run off that job if they keep putting their workers and these thousands of cars in jeopardy.

He don't give an Obamacare

I see where Jason Smith, our Eighth District representative, is against Obamacare. He said it is bad for people of Southeast Missouri. Of course, he doesn't need Obamacare. He's got his own healthcare program system. He's a well-off businessman, a farmer and a lawyer. He doesn't need Obamacare. There are thousands of people in Southeast Missouri that do need Obamacare. They don't have any medical insurance and they need help. Obamacare will help thousands of people. Again, Jason Smith doesn't need it. Do not believe Jason Smith. He doesn't need it, we need it.