Thursday, October 17, 2013

A good deed doer

My name is Virginia and I would like to say thank you to the lady in line at Walmart. I had changed purses and forgotten my wallet so I did not have enough money to pay for my purchases. The girl behind me paid for them. She would not give me her name or address. She said it didn't matter where the money came from as long as it got to where it needs to go. This helped me out greatly, but if you would leave your name and number in SpeakOut, I will gladly repay you. And thank you so much for helping. I wish there were more people like you and you have a great day ma'am.

Healthy expansion?

Someone recently called this hotline upset at people he perceived as freeloaders using public aid and saying that "us working stiffs don't get help." He was also upset about Medicaid expansion. No one wants public aid. As someone who used to work for social services, I can tell you that the amount of fraud is actually pretty small. I would urge the caller to see if the new online healthcare exchanges could save him money. They were designed to do so, by also preventing future medical bill related bankruptcies. Expanding Medicaid would help several people that serve us daily. It would keep all of us healthier. Expanding Medicaid is also the compassionate thing to do. We should do it for everyone.

The lowest blow of all

Today on the news is the first time I guess I've been ashamed of our government. To see that they have not paid the death benefits for our veterans, our soldiers that were killed in action and we fail to step up to the plate and do what we should do. And then to top that off, Nancy Pelosi greeted all the illegal immigrants on the Washington Mall but refused to go to visit the veterans trying to visit veterans monuments. What has happened to our government? This has got to be the worst government we have had in history and I'm ashamed of it. God bless us because we sure need it.