Friday, October 25, 2013

Open and closed

I called Senator Roy Blunt and Senator Claire McCaskill's offices today and a staff member answered Roy Blunt's office, but I got a recording on Senator McCaskill's saying her office was closed due to the government shutdown. Why is one office open and the other office closed?

A league of their own

I'm a Cardinal fan, baseball that is. It was so disgusting to me as an American to watch a sport that was supposed to be America's past time. The Dodgers had to have an interpreter go to the mound to talk to their pitcher. What is baseball coming to? Cut off the work visas. Let's give these American girls and boys back their jobs. If they've got this many good players, let them start a league in their own country. Keep the interpreters on the bleachers. Gee whiz. If he can't speak English, he don't even belong in the country. Go Cards.

Directory assistance

If there's knowledgeable individual that reads this that can tell me the agency in Missouri state government who oversees incompetent nursing homes, rest homes, care homes, assisted living homes, I certainly would like to have that number to call. If you would leave it in SpeakOut, I would really appreciate it. I'm tired of calling politicians. If someone also knows the federal government agency number, they could also leave that number. I would be most grateful.

Stop the fracking

You got 370,000 Missourians getting rid to take part in an earthquake drill. It would be better if they put their energies into stopping the fracking right here at our elbow in Illinois. Or send them down to live at that edge of that 750-foot deep, 24-acre crater sinkhole in Louisiana. Send them down there to see what fracking can do. These local politicians are going to have to get on board with this unless they want to be part of a multi-mile sinkhole.