Kindergarten Center holds annual pumpkin competition

Thursday, October 31, 2013
Sikeston Kindergarten Center is ready to celebrate Halloween with more than 60 decorated pumpkins. Antonio Fildes explains how he created his "Marty" pumpkin to Lilly Roberts and Johnathon Northern. (Jill Bock, Staff)

SIKESTON - Sikeston kindergarten and preschool students have surpassed Cinderella's fairy godmother. She merely turned a pumpkin into a carriage while they have turned pumpkins big and small into everything from cats to mummies to Spongebob and his snail.

This year's annual pumpkin competition, where the public can vote on their favorite pumpkin, has more than 60 entries.

Johnathon Northern, 5, created one of his favorite television characters. A fan of "Duck Dynasty," Johnathon's pumpkin complete with a camouflage hat and beard is Uncle Si.

"Yeah, he's my favorite," said Johnathon, who added he thought Si Robertson would like his pumpkin creation.

Lily Roberts wasn't sure who decided she should create a pink pig pumpkin, however the 5-year-old explained it was a family effort with her mother, grandmother and dad all pitching in to make the princess pig, complete with sparkling crown.

Antonio Fildes explained he got the idea to cover his pumpkin with multicolored dots. "And I had my toy Afro-wig, so I put that on and he looks like Marty," he said, referring to a character from the movie "Madagascar."

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