Saturday, November 16, 2013

Read it and weep

Have you ever read Bambi? Bambi was originally written for adults. Everyone who sends their child out to be a killer, should have their child (if it's a true choice they're making) presented the other side. Have them read the real Bambi story, not the Disney version.


Our hometown newspapers need to do a better job informing the citizens about national political news in order to let people know how they are directly affected by an out-of-control tyrannical government in Washington, D.C.

Oh deer!

I do not enjoy seeing pages full of pictures of beautiful dead deer with their eyes open. These were living, breathing, feeling creatures. And I do not like seeing toddlers, children barely up past toddler age learning to kill things. Look what kind of culture we've got around here. It's bad enough without that. Stop it. How about showing some consideration for us who are offended by this and can't stand it?

Support our vets

I attended the Veterans Day program at the Sikeston Field House on Nov. 11. I would like to thank the Sikeston High School band and choir, the singers and the speakers for a wonderful program. Every freedom we have in the United States is because of these veterans and their sacrifices for you and me. This day has been set aside to honor these brave men and women for all they do. Every person should make plans to attend next year and show support for these true American heroes.