Monday, February 24, 2014

It's all clear to me now

Hello Mike, I'm so glad that you have printed the TV Guide so us older people can read it. I'm 87 years old and I've gotten to the place where I couldn't even read it with glasses on. I wanted to let you know I appreciate it so very much.

Taxes and gas fuming

I don't know why it would make a difference how a man and wife files their income tax. As long as they are working, they could file single, joint, married or whatever. What aggravates me is them old gals that have never worked a lick in their life. They can file and get back thousands of dollars of unearned income. And that's exactly what it is unearned income. They shouldn't get back nothing. If that's the case, old people that are on Social Security should be able to file and get all their money back because they have earned it. And that propane mess, they should get those people for price gouging. And now they're even charging a delivery fee if you don't fill up your tank. That's ridiculous. Our government needs to be straightened out. People need to stand up and speakout and Christians need to stand up and speakout. People that try to do right are just getting completely stomped on. The ones that don't do right get everything they want and more too.

More space for speaking

Have you ever considered devoting more space for the SpeakOut column, perhaps a whole page, to keep the calls and comments more current? Many times by the time a comment appears in the paper it has lost its relevance.

The tie is in the mail

In response to "No more Mr. Nice Guy," and the coach's tie removal on a missed call. I respect the caller's point of view and their concern for being a good example. I was present during that game and would like to commend the coach for showing the restraint that he did. Lord knows, Bobby Knight would have thrown a chair. I think the coach had to make a statement since his boys were getting beat up on the court. The coach chose to remove his tie rather than yell out profanity. He demonstrated class and still made a point. His players will surely respect him for standing up for them. I know the coach has set high expectations for his players, model sportsmanship and respect. He pushes them to make good grades and become role models for younger students. He is not perfect, but he's a coach our community should be proud of. His track record is proof. Because of his dedication, Sikeston has the most wins of any basketball program in the state of Missouri for the last five years. My hat is off to you, coach. And a new tie is in the mail.