Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Take it to the limit

This is to the people that are supposed to be running Mississippi County. There was a TV ad on last year where a state patrolman said that all gravel roads and blacktops, that if it's not posted, the speed limit is 55 miles per hour. Then we get a new rookie patrolman over on Millar Road that's giving people tickets for going 55. They need to make up their mind. If they are gonna change the speed limit they need to post it. The commissioners over in Mississippi County ought to do their job.

Ol' buddy, ol' pal

I would like to speakout about Sikeston schools. First off, the administration is out of touch with our community values as shown by the opposition vote against the outrageous tax hike. Second, instead of addressing the problems of Common Core as our government becomes one generation away from a complete dictatorship, the powers that be just want to point fingers and assign blame for teachers following the dictates of administration trying to get money from Washington. Our founding fathers put the education of our young people in the hands of the states and the local communities. Third, as our schools start hiring for the next year, I hope they look at our students and athletes and hire some black teachers and coaches. In the past they have played the "old buddy" game when hiring. These children need some professional role models of their own race who know how to influence their behavior and values for the better. Our children are our future so speakout to the administration and the board members at every opportunity.

A petty liner

I was just wondering who runs you SpeakOut because they are very rude. I don't appreciate opening up my newspaper and reading, "You need to read your Standard Democrat more closely. If you had, you would have seen an ad for Cummins Pool Service. The telephone number is 450-8773." That's rude. You don't talk to people like that, and that just belittles whomever was wanting to have a liner put in their pool, which wasn't me. But I am a citizen here in Sikeston, Mo., and I would very, very much be appalled if someone answered my speakout ad in this way. Thank you very much.

Just trying to be informative. The information you requested in SpeakOut was in an ad that was already in the paper.