Thursday, May 22, 2014

No time left for you

What has happened to local control of our community? A group of citizens contacted the Sikeston School Board and wanted to be placed on the agenda to address them in regard to Common Core. They were told the agenda was full and they couldn't address them, but they would place them on the June meeting. I say to you, if a group of citizens want to address their local school board and they are over 100 strong with petitions representing over 500 other people, the school board, if they were concerned about their citizens, should make time for them on their agenda regardless.

Check your local listing

The Sikeston School Board needs to post all meeting notices in the Standard Democrat so the public understands when the meeting times are. If it is only posted at the board office, they would do as they did the other night and start the meeting early and no one can prove that the Sunshine Law is violated. Over 700 plus citizens gave its petition to the school board in order for them to find resolution against Common Core. What did they do with it? Simply laughed and called us names during an executive session. Yes, we do find about this. What is the school board going to do with 700 plus citizens?

One for the Core

I was at the Board of Education business meeting May 7 and of course there were a lot of anti-Common Core speakers that want to be heard. They obviously sent in the fifth stringers because I'm sure the first stringers were probably getting their hair and makeup done for their next TV talk show. It's funny that they had to interrupt the board meeting to give petitions to the superintendent, and then 15 minutes later they wanted the petitions back because they needed to make copies so they would know what they turned in. It is amusing that these people that are against the Common Core still don't get it.

Listed below are the board policies followed for community participation at board meetings

BDDH-Public Participation at Board Meetings

Any member of the public who wishes to have an item placed on the agenda will present the request in writing to the superintendent or designee. The request must be submitted pursuant to Board policy and received the Monday before the scheduled meeting. The item will then be appropriately placed on the agenda. The Board reserves the right to impose reasonable restrictions on the number of items to be considered, the number of spokespersons and the speaking time of spokespersons appearing before the Board. If the meeting agenda is full, the Board reserves the right to reschedule an item for the next regular meeting.


Patrons desiring to be included on the agenda or monthly Board meetings should follow the procedure outlined in Board policy BDDH. The request shall be submitted in writing, and shall provide sufficient detail to explain fully the issue(s) to be discussed. The Board reserves the right to limit the number of and speaking time of spokespersons appearing before the Board. Unless unusual circumstances dictate otherwise, the Board will not make a decision on an issue(s) presented by an individual or group during that particular meeting. The Board reserves the right to waive formalities in emergency situations, within the limitations of state statutes.