Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why keep empty wallet?

I was just wondering if a person found someone's wallet with no money, why would they not turn it in to the police station or the place they found it at? An empty wallet does nobody any good. I would think you would turn it in.

We need good roads

Missouri voters to decide transportation sales tax. I think we should vote for it. The sales tax would just not be tax on Missouri people, it's the ones that go through our state and stay in motels, hotels, buy fuel, what have you. It just makes sense. We need our roads and bridges kept up and it's not getting cheaper by no means. In coming years, it sure won't be cheaper. I'm a truck driver and I appreciate good roads. Please vote yes on this. It's a tax to help our roads and bridges. And if we don't pass it, you are gonna complain about them. This would be one way to prevent your ability to complain. Let's think about Missouri too so we can bring good back to the local economy. Commerce is the word.

Back in '65

In the paper they were asking what year the school in Richland was built. The first class that went to school there was in 1965.