Monday, July 28, 2014

Diapers and wipers

Why does the Food Bank waste taxpayers' money giving these little ol' gals diapers and wipes. Let 'em cut up a sheet if they have to and use a washcloth if they have to clean their babies butts. They are too darn lazy. I'm surprised they don't have someone wiping their butts. They don't work. They don't do nothing. We washed diapers back in the old days. People just cut up whatever they could find to use for diapers. They get everything free. That's supposed to be food given away, not diapers. Those gals are too darn lazy to wash diapers.

Need new flags

This goes to the Christian Academy on Kingshigway. Could you please take down your worn, tattered flags? Replace them or leave them completely down. They look terrible.

The masters of the game

Occasionally, but rarely, the truth peeps out even down here in the Bootheel. Your reprint of the Joplin will grow article, about the freedom to farm amendment, hits the nail right on the head. Big money always hides behind righteousness and understands the value of propaganda and the weakness of the thinking power of the uninformed. When a certain type of person gets the right signal, they become the greatest enemy this country has, the uninformed person or the ignorant citizen. Look where the money comes from to finance this multi-million dollar campaign to secure some strange and barely understood right and you will see who the masters are.

Facts first, speak second

In response to the speakout in the July 18 paper, "In it for the money," where they are talking about the foster care program and the foster parents are in it for the money and stuff they can get from the government. People, you need to check out your facts and find out exactly what foster parents do get for themselves and the children before you starting running off your mouth.

Month left at end of money

I just read your speakout article in the July 18 paper, "In it for the money." The person is obviously very, very misinformed. If you are a foster parent, which I have been, my wife and I have been for 10 years, you cannot draw any government benefits, no food stamps or anything like that. You know, 99.9 percent of the parents that are in the program are in it for the children. If they think they are getting big bucks, then they need to become foster parents and see there is a lot more month at the end of the money.