Monday, September 29, 2014

No visitors

I am sort of elderly between the Morehouse and Sikeston area in a housing place. I was sitting here this Sunday morning and was wondering why it isn't like it used to be. Where are all you Christians? Why aren't you visiting like you use to? My neighbors are shut-ins and miss going to church. Back in my day, we would get out and visit shut-ins and stuff. It sorta makes me feel lonely and if God has forgot about me since I'm a shut-in and don't feel good. You need to pray for us and visit. We are the Christians? Are they sitting smug in the church while we are out here suffering? God bless you.

No trespassing

This message is to the people from the Sikeston apartments on Second Street. You are trespassing when you come through the back fence. Please stay off my property or I will call the police or speak to the property manager.