Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wooden it be nice?

I live in Morehouse and have a tree that fell on the ground. If someone wants it they can come and get it for firewood to keep them warm this winter. My number is 380-3636.

Fruit of the Earth

I'm looking for a skincare lotion. It's called Fruit of the Earth skin cooling aloe vera with naturals skincare lotion. I'm having a problem finding what store it's in. If someone knows this lotion, please let me know where I can find it.

I did a Google search and it showed this brand was available at Walmart and Target.

Not fair at all

I have heard the cost of living for Social Security recipients is going to be 1.7 percent. I read in the newspaper that the state of Missouri politicians are going to get 8 percent. Just wanted to speakout. Is that fair? Let's vote them out.

Too little, too late

Hello taxpayers. Hello CDC. We have a partial clear on how to take care of the African virus here in the states. I'll let you know in two years when it gets out of the White House.