Preschool heroes

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

EAST PRAIRIE -- Doyle Elementary in East Prairie recently hosted the eighth annual Doyle Elementary School blood drive with a shamrock/heart theme.

The pint-sized heroes were so "lucky" because they were able to find 342 blood donors and 287 units were considered productive and able to save 861 lives, according to blood drive officials. Preschool Pint Sized Heroes are: Gunner Allen, Zoi Allred, Terry Duty, Michael Goehman, Kaylee Lafferty, Colton McKinley, Cooper McKinley, Jonna Rice, Sarah Beth Sipp, Will Bain, Raleigh Cogdill, Ryder Blue Jones, Anna Kate Lee, Blake Olin, Kaiden Patrick, Ellie Ambrose, Laney Childers, Marlana Higgins, Connor Johnson, August Kenedy, Caitlyn Manning, Miguel Nunez, Kolbey Oakley, Taylor Patrick, Jhett Phillips, Ali Ray, Walker Thurmond, Gabe Achter, Lyla Rose Adams, Arington Bain, Parker Heath, Jaxon Manning, Briah McCutchen, Layne McKinley and Wade Merz.