Wednesday, April 8, 2015

No witches on Easter

I'm calling in regards to Easter Sunday. I would like to know why KBSI is airing a witchcraft movie on Easter Sunday. I think that is a disgrace to God.

Walls went tumbling down

I'm just curious about why the nice split-level brick house was torn down around Scott City area on Interstate 55 mile marker 87 on the east side. It was such a nice looking home to see destroyed.

1-800-whine, whine, whine

I want to speakout about Charter Connect Cable Co. Why do they keep having this commercial on over and over and over? I've seen it 17 times in one day. I subscribe to cable but I can't stand these commercials. They are making everyone switch to Dish because they are running it in the ground.

Just the facts

Thank you for printing the fact sheet about Common Core and its application to education in Missouri. I am so tired of these pseudo-intellectual blog readers who have no interest in facts, but become the pawns of ignorance. All citizens should read your Sunday, March 29, article on Page 7A of The Standard and remember the people who distort the facts and those who unquestionably propagate stupidity.

Information was mailed

This is to the person who was saying that Charter did not inform them about the $6.99 cable box starting in April. Charter did send out letters to all the customers explaining this. It did explain that it was going to be $6.99 for each cable box. That is why I only have one TV.

Soaking up the news

We are tired of having wet newspapers. Do these people that work at the Standard Democrat not watch the weather and see when it is going to rain? Why can't you have boxes like The Missourian so we can have our papers dry from the snow and rain? We're tired of wet papers. It's not fair for us to pay for it and then have a wet newspaper full of sand and wet. Why can't you realize this is a modern age and not 10 years ago? From now on, start putting up newspaper things so we can read our newspaper in the convenience of our home instead of trying to read it with all this sand, grit, snow and ice on it.

If at anytime you get a paper that is not to your satisfaction, we will gladly replace it with a new one.