Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barn memories

Today part of my neighborhood fell down to the jaws of a big monster. The barns on Ables Road were torn down. I'm sure they were 100 years old, because I'm close to that age and my street was a dirt road and wagon tracks went down Ables Road, which is also named after a Sikeston resident. I certainly will miss them being there.


I live on Gladys Street and from Gladys Street to East Kathleen to Matthews, the urine smell from these cats is making everybody sick when they go outside. Why can't the Humane Society do something about it please. I just read my today's paper where the Humane Society wanted people to donate money. Why can't they get some of these cats off the road? This town is starting to stink really bad.

Every story has two sides

I'm very disturbed about what is going on in Baltimore. I'm wondering why no one has looked into what was going on in the life of Freddie Gray and all of his background. He had been arrested over 13 times. Why hasn't that been brought out be the media and the police? Everything gets blamed on the police, just like it did in Ferguson. Nothing has been said about that. And now the police are being investigated? That's wrong. If this doesn't stop, everybody is going to back off from becoming a policeman. And before long, we are not going to have any. A very good friend of my family's just retired from the police department because he's gotten tired of it. And if we don't watch out, we are going to lose all of our good policemen. Then we are not going to have anybody to defend us from the bad. Somebody needs to look into Freddie Gray. He was arrested 13 times, so he's not everything everybody is making him out to be.

Merge when you can

I'm calling in response to "Move it over." If people are on the interstate, they don't have to move over to let you on. They have the right of way. You are the one that has to yield to get on. You already know this, so quit your crying.

It's politicking time

A union member voting for a Republican is like a chicken voting for Col. Sanders. Anyone voting for a Democrat is like an American fighting for ISIS.