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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Some of us do need help

I was reading the paper the other day about ladies that were needing help acting like they were sick and couldn't do anything. They said they'd have people come in and do their housework for them, and then as soon as they'd leave, they'd get up and go to Walmart. Well I'd like that lady to live in my shoes for just one day. I'm crippled and have a lady come help me. I am so thankful that the good Lord lets me have someone to help because I can't even walk across the floor without hollering or getting my breath. She needs to wake up. One of these days she may be in that shape. I know there are people that sit around and have their babies and get paid for it. I don't like that either, but think about other people that are on the right track that have to have help.

Here he goes again

Sunday May 3, we have survived the Charter debacle. Cable was out 6-7 hours. Called. No answer. All lines busy. The boxing event that cable was supposed to carry, I knew immediately that that would probably screw up our reception. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It not only went out Saturday night for 6-7 hours, it went out again Sunday and Sunday night. I did finally get someone on the phone from Charter, a live person, and she informed me that the reason for the outages was the big Pay-Per-View boxing event. Charter was simply not prepared and of course the City Council wants to sit back on their haunches and collect the franchise fee. I hope anyone that is upset over this will call 888-871-4485 and you may get $2 or $3 credit.

Tag it or park it

I'd like to speakout about the East Prairie ATV and golf carts. The city said you had to have a bigger license so they could catch the ones that didn't have them. The law-abiding citizens that buy insurance and license are being cheated because there are probably 5 with license and insurance and 10 without. If the city officials are gonna keep lying to the citizens, then the citizens should be able to keep riding theirs without license and insurance too.

Plumped and dumb

I tell you what, these women that have their lips plumped up, their butts pumped up, their breasts blowed up, and then they get infections and start whining and want somebody to do something about it. If they're that stupid, nobody should feel sorry for them. They should keep what God gave them. Most of them that do that are pretty anyway, but they are so lame they think they need to look better. I don't feel sorry for them. They have a tummy-tuck and all that stuff and whatever. They get what they deserve.