Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ross to the rescue

I want to speakout about Ross that works at McDonald's in East Prairie. I watched him climb a tree at 10:30 in the evening to save a kitten that had climbed the tree two days ago. Nobody else had helped. This young man climbed that tree, at great risk to himself, to save that kitten. There ought to be more young people to do such things. He's a wonderful young man. And the lady that was there that also worked at McDonald's was a big help as well. Thank you, Josh.

Gutter talk

This is a consumer alert. The new scam in Sikeston is gutter cleaning for older people. I have had three gutter cleaners stop by in the last two months. Today I had a man stop by my house who wanted to clean my gutters. I told him to climb up on my house and see what my gutters looked like. He said they were really bad. I took him to my backyard where all my gutter screens were laying. I just had a college man that is home for the summer, who has helped me since he was 12 years old, clean them. I watched him clean out all the stuff that was in them and spread it out over my yard. I told this thief to get out of my yard. Don't trust anybody.

Live, local and snobby

I'd like to comment on those anchor people at KFVS. When you meet them out in public, they seem very snobbish. They act like they don't even know who you are. They need to say hi and not just ignore you like you aren't even there. They pull their pants up just like I do. They need to be courteous to the public.

Rally for the Rebel flag

I would like to comment on the people making others take the Rebel flag, the Confederate flag, down in South Carolina. Why don't the people that like this flag, why don't they rally and circle the state capitol and not let them take it down. Oh wait, I just remembered. They are all at work. They don't have the time to go there and raise cain do they?