Monday, July 6, 2015

Stop lying on God

I would like to speakout about the person who was talking about slavery, that God invented it. That is a bunch of lies. The people that shouldn't be in slavery are the ones that had people in slavery. God didn't intend for anybody to be in slavery, and whoever said that lied. They need to stop lying on God. Nobody has a right to be in slavery. If God meant for people to be in slavery, it would be all people black and white, not just one color.

Look away, Dixieland

We better start whistlin' Dixie or we are gonna lose everything we've got.

Praying for justice

We just had a tragedy happen in our nation when a 21-year-old psychopath walked into a black church, stayed and had Bible study and afterwards opened fire and murdered people. Shame on Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton and this president we have. All they wanna do is bring up race and gun control. People kill, guns don't. And after all this, their family members still have love in their hearts for this man. They said they were praying for his soul. That's what I call a true Christ-like love. I just pray he gets justice done to him. That's all I have to say about that. Pray for our nation and leaders. I would like to take this time to wish our nation a very, very happy birthday.

Road rules

This is in response to the "Life in the fast lane" person. It is a law that you are to get over and let merging traffic onto the interstate. Maybe some people need to go back and take the test again. I have a gripe about people riding bicycles, two at a time down a two-lane road, taking up the entire lane with traffic coming toward them. Where I'm from, you are supposed to ride toward traffic, not with traffic so you don't get killed. Do people in Missouri know any kind of road rules at all?

Mail call

This is in regards to "Let the Deere go by." The people that are meeting tractors with wide equipment on the road are the people that pays taxes to keep the roads up. If the farmers have equipment too wide, that let them get something to haul it like other people do. If they are knocking down mailboxes, this is utter nonsense. If some teenager was driving and knocked down my mailbox, I would have them arrested. I think the farmers should be responsible for replacing what they knock down on these roads.