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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Left a mess

I would like to speak out about people moving into properties then leaving out and leaving it tore up and damaging the property in the house. I was getting ready to sell the house and now it has been put on hold until I can fix it. The people stole the curtains, they stole the shades, they stole everything that they could get. It was to people that don't deserve to be put in a situation like that. I am a widow and I have to try fix it before I can sell it now. The people don't have no respect for the owner letting them live there because they needed a home to live in. I think they should have to pay for it to be fixed and have the house sprayed because of it is full of fleas and roaches. They left without paying rent and let two large dogs in the house that the owner was not to allow in the house. He had it checked. If they would have called and said they had dogs I would have had it sprayed. They had two small children living in the house in that condition. I think it is very wrong for what they done.

Flag is innocent

This is to the lady who signed the papers to have the flag removed. You need to be taken out and just literally horse-whipped. The flag has not done nothing to nobody. And it had nothing to do with those people and I feel sorry for their loss. There is nothing that is going to bring them back and taking the flag down ain't got anything to do with bringing them back. My heart goes out to them.

Up in smoke

I can not believe that church that wants to start a cannabis church and smoke marijuana in church. They are suing the state now because it won't let them get happy in their church. Well, God is suppose to make them happy and if he is not making them happy there is something wrong with them. If people go to that church, because the preacher wants to start a cannabis church and they don't smoke marijuana or anything they ought to go against him and get out of that church. That's what's wrong with the churches now, they just go along with everything. It is not long God intended. If you want to smoke marijuana don't get behind God and hide it. If you want to smoke it, smoke it. It doesn't need to be in church with God. That is ridiculous. That is the reason a lot of people don't go to church because they see the church members doing exactly as the world does. That's not right.

Careful what you say

This is to "Junk around the Castle." Whoa there baby, careful or you might be stepping on some toes. You are going to start a regular riot down there.