Annual Jaycee Rodeo puts spotlight on us

Saturday, August 1, 2015

The spotlight will fall on the Sikeston Jaycees this week as they once again play host to the annual Bootheel Rodeo.

And while after the months of preparation for this annual event the Jaycees will welcome visitors, all residents of Sikeston can and should get into the rodeo spirit as well.

It goes without saying that this coming week gives our community a unique chance to showcase Sikeston and welcome visitors.

And though the rodeo grounds is the final destination, chances are those visitors will stop someplace in Sikeston prior to the rodeo event itself.

Fast food restaurants, gas stations and retail stores will all see new faces this week as visitors flock to our community. And the impressions they take away may depend on the friendliness and service they receive outside of the rodeo grounds.

This week also gives us a chance to "spruce" up our town and remove trash and eyesores that would leave a less than favorable impression for our visitors.

You don't have to go full-fledged cowboy or cowgirl this week but a smile will go a long way. As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression. So as a community let's take full advantage of this golden opportunity.

To say the rodeo is a Sikeston tradition is an understatement.

When people outside of our community are asked about Sikeston, the rodeo and Lambert's restaurant rank at the top of the familiarity scale.

And if a community must have a reputation, the rodeo by itself is a fine starter as a family-friendly, safe and enjoyable experience.

The following week most of the conversation will center on the beginning of school and the grumbling that always seems to bring.

But for this one week, put on a smile and welcome those rodeo fans who will become temporary residents - if for just one night.

We hope visitors leave with a highly favorable impression of our small town and share those pleasant memories with others.

Reputations are both hard to earn and hard to overcome. We need to use this year's rodeo to put the best face on our community.

Who knows, that experience might even last beyond rodeo week.

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