SPEAKOUT (471-6636)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

War of wars is coming

I'm calling about President Obama. I heard he wanted to be king over the United States and at least run another term. Well, the way it looks, we are prejudiced and blacks aren't. They don't want to be called blacks. We don't want to be called whites, we are caucasians. Every time something happens to black men or women, it's always a white person's fault. They show the white cop that got shot by the black man. But I'll be darned, they showed the white man first like he shot the black man. C'mon, get real. Who's prejudiced in this country? They say we are, are they? He's gonna split this nation in two. He wants to turn his back on Israel and Israel has supported the United States ever since I can remember. He's got to be stopped, but one person can't do it. It's up to our Congress and our Senate to impeach him before we have the war of wars. It's coming.

Too late to due

BMU may need to change their due date. The bill is so late getting to us now due to mail delivery.

Need comfy chairs

I know they are redoing the emergency room area at the hospital. I was wondering if they could put more comfortable chairs in the exam rooms for the people that come in with the patients. I recently had back surgery and had to go to the emergency room with my husband. The chair was so uncomfortable that I could hardly stay in it.

Stuff this

I'm calling about stuff the bus. Hey, I think if these teachers want everything they should have to stuff the bus. Taxpayers pay enough in taxes that I don't think they should have to stuff a bus so kids can go to school. When I went to school, we had plain old rulers, plain old tablets, pens and pencils. We didn't have stuff the bus when I went to school. Your parents bought what you needed, which wasn't that much. They didn't have to have a stuff the bus. If these teachers want all these special school supplies, let them foot the bill, not us taxpayers.

Numbers you requested

Could you please print the name and numbers of our U.S. senator and U.S. representative? We need to get in touch of them. I think their names are Senator Blunt and Congressman Smith. Our family needs to contact them.

Senator Roy Blunt's number is (202) 224-5721. Rep. Jason Smith's number is (202)225-4404.