Life isn't as sweet with this president

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Like many of you, perhaps, I find myself increasingly frustrated, disappointed and downright confused by countless Obama administration policies that make no sense.

This administration's attack on the coal industry - by way of example - threatens millions of jobs not to mention will bring a massive increase in utility costs for consumers.

This administration's socialist overhaul of the healthcare system has thus far promised much and delivered little. And the worst is yet to come.

This administration's questionable proposal to govern the Internet is a blatant attempt to monitor free speech especially when that free speech is conservative.

This administration's phony money scheme to prop up the economy by pumping billions into the revenue stream does nothing but postpone the eventual downfall which, of course, will not strike until this administration is out of office.

But one warped policy has hit home and to me it is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.

My beloved Oreo cookies will soon be manufactured in Mexico!

I'm not alone. Many of you have had a long relationship with Oreos. Don't lie.

But because of import tariffs, Americans pay twice the world average price for sugar.

Yes, I know - sugar is bad for you - obesity, high blood pressure, yada yada.

We're talking about Oreos here folks. Oreos!

The announcement this week of the departure of Oreos means a loss of 600 jobs in Chicago. That is on top of the thousands of other jobs in the confectionary industry that have abandoned the United States for Mexico and other locations where the price of sugar is much lower.

I find myself uneasy with this relocation to Mexico. What's next - taco-flavored Oreos? Jalapeno Oreos?

Where will it end?

Actually it's increasingly difficult to find virtually anything made in America these days. Way back in the day we made light of the cheaply "Made in Japan" merchandise. But today, everything from cars to clothes and all in between are made on foreign shores because those items can be made cheaper elsewhere.

History will not treat kindly the Obama years. We will someday look back at this turbulent era and scratch our heads in amazement that we allowed this fiasco to happen.

Lost in the footnote of history will be the departure of the Oreo.

And although this sugary movement may not signal the end of civilization as we know it, it should reinforce the notion that most government actions do more harm than good.

In a world that is today painted mostly in various shades of gray, the Oreo remains the one lone item that is still black and white.


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