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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Looking for TOPS

I was wondering if there was a TOPS Club in Sikeston, and if there is, would they please leave their number.

Butt out

I think the Sikeston City Council really should consider making all businesses smokeless or at least put it to the vote of the people. I'm tired of smelling your smoke and listening to you cough and hacking up a lung. Also it would help to educate some people. I have witnessed some people taking their children, even newborns, into the smoking areas and firing up a cigarette. As for losing business, you won't lose, but gain. A few years ago at Columbia, they went smokeless. The surveys showed the businesses gained about 6 percent. In the United States, 70,000 people die each year from second-hand cigarette smoke. I am just tired of being exposed to cigarette smoke. You can kill yourself, but I'd rather you not kill me.

Nothing's changed

I'd like to speakout about a chain restaurant that's crying about business being down. They've been feeding us the same thing for 40 years. Nothing's changed.

Patrol in control

I saw on KFVS on the patrol cars where they now have "In God We Trust." I think that's great. The one lady they interviewed, she didn't think it belonged on there. She said the policemen and firemen are supposed to be here on earth to protect us. Well who is supposed to protect the policemen and the firemen? God is. The people that don't like it on the cars, they can just lump it. God is bringing America to its knees. This is why, because they have taken him out of everything.