Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Told him it wouldn't fly

The perfect way to stay slim and trim, eat at some of the local fast food restaurants. The flies will eat half of your food. The owners are saying they're losing money and business. That's the reason. No one wants to be surrounded by flies when eating. I want my burger with fries, not flies.

Aging raging

I don't understand why all these women, if they see a wrinkle on any part of their body, they have to have a Botox shot to take care of it. Anybody that has their right mind can tell they have had all that stuff. Whenever something goes wrong, they moan and groan. I don't feel sorry for them. The older they get, that stuff is not gonna look the same, and it might even kill them. They spend thousands of dollars to try and look young. My God, you are going to get old no matter how you look. Spend that money on starving children and homeless people instead of trying to make yourself look young. Most of them don't look a bit better than when they started.

Couldn't believe my eyes

I read Monday's Standard Democrat, Oct. 26. I could not believe what I read. So I rolled the paper back up, put a rubber band on it and put it back out in the yard. There was something definitely wrong. I let it get rained on and ran over it with my truck. So today I picked it up again, dried it out and the print didn't change. On the page that reports births, there were four births. All four were by four married couples and they only had one or two children. Mike, you really have to do a better job of proof reading. You do better work than that.