Friday, December 4, 2015

Bugged out

This is a warning to people that have little dogs or cats. These ladybugs that have hibernated to Missouri, they are poisonous and they will make an animal sick, and possibly kill them. My son had a dog to die Nov. 16 from a ladybug. I had a little four-year-old dog, a little Yorkie, to die on Nov. 19, and my daughter had a dog to die on Nov. 19. They had been swallowing these little ladybugs. So be sure and watch your animals.

Be a role model

I would like to make a comment on the world today. If there would be parents that love their children, show them that they are role models, I don't think these children would be going out and destroying other people's lives, especially people who protect other people. I think these children would respect these people. Growing up as a child, I was taught to respect people who protected other people. I still to this day respect them. We wouldn't have the world that we have today if these people would stay together in holy matrimony and be a parent 24 hours a day, instead of seeing a parent every other weekend or once a week. That's hard on children. I'm not holding up for a child. I was at the county courthouse and I saw some inmates go from the jail to the courtroom, and I felt sorry for those people because they were probably not brought up like I was in a loving, Christian home with two parents 24 hours a day. As time goes on, I hope parents take heed and be responsible and be good parents and role models to their children. In the long run, you will be rewarded and they will live good lives as adults.

No more Kit

I was just wondering what happened to the Kit and Carlyle cartoon in the funny papers. We liked it a lot better than the Moderately Confused. Just wondering.

The cartoonist has retired.