Leadership is needed to protect America

Saturday, December 5, 2015

As the tragic events unfolded in California this week, most Americans were asking the same questions -- how in the world did we get here and how in the world do we change so that these tragedies will be avoided.

Yet before the bodies were even counted, the finger-pointing began.

And that in itself is a large part of the problem. We point fingers first and seek solutions after that.

There was the usual cry from the left that more gun control would have solved this episode. But early reports indicate the guns used were purchased legally with appropriate background checks.

So additional gun control measures are a worthwhile issue for discussion, but in this specific case, it would not have mattered.

Closing our borders, too, is worthy of discussion but this American-born killer obviously would not fit into that neat box offered as a solution.

There are also calls for heightened monitoring of those who may be a potential threat to American lives and though that prospect means a loss of privacy, it also makes good sense.

In so many of these recent tragedies, the common thread is clearly mental illness. But apparently not so in the California murders this week.

If someone, anyone, is hell-bent on killing innocent people, there is simply no way to avoid those tragedies.

As difficult as removing guns from society would be, it is impossible to remove evil. That has always been the case with humanity and it always will remain.

By no stretch of the imagination do I -- and apparently others --have a solution for the events that have become all-too common.

But I would offer two suggestions.

First, we must reinforce with strength of conviction that this is a Christian nation founded on Christian principles. We are a fair and just society. We respect our fellow man. We are peaceful by nature.

But once confronted with evil, we will react with a fury unparalleled in the history of mankind. We will confront evil with a unity of purpose and a resolve beyond the imagination of those who seek us harm.

Yet to accomplish this, it takes leadership. It takes a steady hand and the determination of our national leadership that the protection of the American public and the American way of life is our highest purpose and our ultimate goal.

I cling to the notion that the American people by and large can muster the resolve to confront evil. But I fear we lack the leadership required in these turbulent times.

I honestly hesitate to beat the same drum concerning the dismal record of failed leadership by our president. But virtually daily, Barack Obama gives us reason to wonder on his agenda and question his decisions and lack of leadership.

President Obama tells us he wants to remain "cautious" and "reserve judgment" on the California murders, yet he is more than willing to make knee-jerk reactions on issues of race.

Now more than ever, this nation needs to reinforce our Christian foundations and call out those who want to ignore our past.

As sad as it is, we need to start this recommitment with the man currently occupying the White House.

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