Thursday, January 7, 2016

God sent me a message

To the man talking about a woman's place in church. I'm a woman and God spoke to me and gave me a message for you. Idiot!

Don't steal

If the Ten Commandments had not been taken out of schools and about everything else, maybe thieves would know "Do not steal." That means do not take what does not belong to you. Get a job and do a honest days's work. Also, it means do not take medicine from senior citizens when you go to their house.

Brave supporter

Congratulations Scott County Central on a game well-played in the Christmas Tournament at Cape. You might have lost, but you were playing against an area regional Catholic High School that has the best of the best from all area high schools. Don't worry about it. One of these days it will catch up with them and they'll be in the loser's bracket instead of you. So Braves, you are still No. 1 in a lot of people's books.