Friday, January 29, 2016

The Main points

I want to speakout about changing Main Street to Martin Luther King Drive. I think it's wrong. They've got a street over there in Sunset named Dr. Martin Luther King. I just don't wan't Main Street to be changed, because if you do that, all the businesses located there will have to change their addresses. Don't change Main Street.

- - -

I'm calling about the name change for Main Street. That is just crazy! That's a lot of businesses to change their address. If these people are wanting to name a street, they need to build the street or go down in the hood and rename one of the streets down there. I'm sorry, but that's just my opinion.

- - -

I'm absolutely outraged on hearing the city of Sikeston is considering changing the name of Main Street to Martin Luther King Boulevard. This is a total disgrace to the City of Sikeston. The street is called Main Street for a reason. It's the main street in town. If you want to honor Martin Luther King Jr., you can rename a street on the west end of town. Leave Main Street as it is, and leave all the streets the way they're named.

- - -

Sikeston doesn't need to be changing the names of their streets, especially Main Street. All that's gonna do is cost the business owners more money. It's certainly not going to reduce crime. The name of the street certainly doesn't make anyone commit crimes. The name of the street is the name of the street and that's the way it needs to stay. I'm sick and tired of these people protesting over every single thing when they might need to get out and get a job and then they wouldn't have so much time on their hands.