Trump's success is due to Obama's failures

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Were it not for the massive failures and utter ruin of Barack Obama, Donald Trump would not exist.

Trump took to the Republican debate stage Saturday night and by any normal measure, his remarks and demeanor should have been the final straw for his boorish campaign behavior and outlandish comments.

Instead, early results show Trump actually gained in the polls and appears headed for yet another primary victory, this time in South Carolina.

So ask yourself, how in the world could someone like Donald Trump have the massive momentum and message to remain far ahead in the Republican primary?

There is only one answer.

Both liberal and conservative Americans know something is terribly wrong in this nation. Under the failed leadership of Barack Obama, the spirit of America has been gutted. Our economy - despite utterly phony unemployment figures - is clearly in shambles.

Our standing in the world is being brought into question. And the polarization on race, gender and personal finances is tearing the fabric of this great nation.

Without this frightening path of national chaos, Donald Trump would remain a reality star and the political landscape would be much different.

The unease on both sides of the political aisle is abundantly clear. Granted, the differing approaches to the problems are radically different. Yet there remains a sense that we have clearly lost our direction, our moral compass and our trust in government at all levels.

And each and every misstep falls squarely on the shoulders of our current commander in chief.

Trump's rhetoric and style (if you can call it that) combine to portray a man clearly out of his league. His cringe-worthy moments provide a punch line for liberals and jaw-dropping moments for conservatives.

But it's important to understand why Trump has widespread support.

As a nation, we yearn for a change. We yearn for a new direction to slowly crawl out of the hole created by this administration.

With a year remaining in the Obama years, there is nothing on the horizon that promises an improvement in the trajectory of America. By way of illustration, the President just offered his budget for the upcoming year. That $4 trillion boondoggle proves this President has learned not one single lesson in office and remains hellbent on tearing down the underpinning of the American culture, economy and military.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Donald Trump is that equal and opposite reaction.

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