Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The way the cookie crumbles

Thank God we finally have a courageous Republican in Donald Trump who will stand up for partial birth abortion and smart gun control. He said he could change positions in a second. Just because he patted himself on the back for voting Obama doesn't mean he hasn't turned Republican.


I cannot understand why the police here in Sikeston will let a man work on a car and take the gas tank off and put it on the sidewalk next to the beauty shop that's on the corner of Greer and Main. He worked on it the day I was at the beauty shop, and if there had been a spark, it would've blown the whole side of that building out. Why do they let these people do this kind of stuff? It's dangerous and they ought to do something about it.

Alcohol is the problem

This is about drugs and all the crime, people breaking in and stuff because of all the drugs and alcohol. There's not a store that you can go into and buy a bill of groceries that does not sell alcohol. This is an awful thing for a community. An elderly person can't walk into a store because someone may already be drinking and they're still buying alcohol. There are people that should not have alcohol, and the stores know it, but they'll still sell it because that's money in their pocket. The people have to see this. The children see this. As far as I'm concerned, alcohol is the number one drug. If they have medical marijuana, they don't have to worry about something put in it. The methamphetamine, they put all kinds of stuff in that. But now the medical marijuana, if people could get it, the drug rate would be cut so low. I've dealt with all kinds of drugs with a friend that's been in my life. I am not a drug user, but I have helped people with drug problems. Alcohol is the problem.

For what it's worth

I was just looking at the Mississippi County financial statement for 2015. My question is how does a loan deputy in Mississippi County make more than a sheriff in Mississippi County?

The financial statement published in the paper on Feb. 22 was for Scott County.