Friday, March 4, 2016

Searching for a signal

Is there anyone in the Sikeston area that installs outside TV antennas? I'm looking for someone to install an outside TV antenna and hook up three TVs.

Heroin safety zone

I just heard the dumbest thing on the news. Some mayor in some town wants to give heroin addicts someplace where they can "shoot up safely." He wants to have a nurse there and everything to help them shoot up. I thought heroin was illegal? Maybe he's a dealer that wants to sell his heroin to them. If they pass that, that's utterly ridiculous. Everybody will be getting on heroin and going to his safe place to shoot up. I don't know what this world is coming too. I thought heroin was illegal, no matter what. They have already legalized marijuana, that's good for medical reasons. But some of them stand around and smoke it on the corner and they don't have a thing wrong with them. It's ridiculous. I think some of them doctors are getting a kick-back for those prescriptions.